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Sub Club Contacts

Here at Manly Bowling Club we have lots of exciting sub clubs for you to join depending on your area of interest. Each sub club is run by a managing committee.

Sub-Club Captain
Dawn Kelly
Mob: 0413 041 254
E-mail: clubcaptain@mountiesgroup.com.au

Assistant Sub-Club Captain
Lyn King 
Mob: 0414 323 396


Northern Site Sub Club Contacts

bowling club women's

Bowling Club - Womens

Marie Harradine

9401 4601

chess club

Chess Club

Chris Dimock

0412 052 399


Toastmasters Day

Petar Radic


toastmsters night

Toastmasters Night

Renee Salaverry

9905 2949



Pat O'Sullivan

0402 840 410

garden club

Garden Club

Robert Huckle

9939 2347

swimming club

Swimming Club

Michael Cogan

9905 7937

Manly Mens Lawn Bowls

Manly Mens Lawn Bowls

Joe Quittner

0418 326 524

Womens Lawn Bowls

Manly Womens Lawn Bowls

Aileen McLelland

0403 027 289

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